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The role of the GAELF Steering Group is to execute the Work Plan which is developed from the recommendations following each biennial meeting to support its Mission and Goals. Each Work Plan includes effective advocacy directed at international, regional and national levels to raise the profile and provide support to the Global Programme to Eliminate LF



Secretariat - Joan Fahy

WHO Regional Programme Review Group Chairs

Africa - Ricardo Thompson

Eastern Mediterranean - Reda Ramzy

Americas - Santiago Nicolls

South-East Asia - Nyoman Kandun

Western Pacific - Xiao-Nong Zhou

Non-Governmental Development Organization (Chair of LF NGDO) - Louise Kelly-Hope

Former Steering Group Chair  - Adrian Hopkins

Representative Contact Group Chair  - Suma Krishnasastry

Elected 'at 'large' members - Charles Mackenzie, Frank Richards


Pharma - GSK (Minne Iwamoto); Merck & Co. Inc. (Therea McCoy); MDP (Yao Sodahlon); Eisai (Fabian Gusovsky)

WHO - Jonathan King

Donors - Bilateral - USAID/DFID (currently represented by USAID - Emily Wainwright); Other - currently represented by END Fund - Warren Lancaster