29 Mar 2018

Dear Friends and Partners,

We are delighted to inform you that the ESPEN portal has now been updated. New MDA coverage, site level mapping data, impact assessments and country master plans are now available for download. Check it out!

As you know, in April 2017, ESPEN was thrilled to launch a portal aiming at enabling health ministries and stakeholders to share subnational programme data, in support of their NTD control and elimination goals

Thanks to a dynamic partnership with countries and NTD stakeholders, the ESPEN Portal provides critical information on the great progress countries are making to scale up mass drug administration programs throughout Africa.

The portal has added new resources including site level maps and data on MDA coverage and impact assessments. ESPEN is now providing data for 6 diseases including all 5 PC-NTDs, in addition to Loiasis. Through the Portal, ESPEN aims to equip all stakeholders with critical data to inform decision making and successfully eliminate PC-NTDs and utilize essential resources more efficiently. NTD master plans have also been included to facilitate information sharing between countries and support their efforts to target interventions appropriately.

We invite you to visit the updated Portal at: http://espen.afro.who.int

Thanks to all of you, our valuable partners, for your hard work and dedication to sharing and utilizing this fundamental information. We hope the Portal serves as a valuable resource for you.

Most importantly thank you for your continuous commitment to eliminate suffering from NTDs.

Dr. Maria Rebollo Polo
ESPEN Team Leader