Monique Dorkenoo

Member (co-opted)

Dr Monique Ameyo DORKENOO has a Medical doctor degree from the University of Benin in Togo and several postgraduate degrees including a Certificate of Parasitology - Mycology obtained in 2000 at the University of Cocody - Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire).

Member of the cabinet of the Ministry of health since 2005, Dr Dorkenoo is in charge to providing strategic directions for the development of the national laboratory and blood safety.

 She has been working to eliminate lymphatic filariasis in Togo since 2005 as an M&E officer and then promoted to the position of program manager in 2008. She successfully implemented innovative approaches that moved in 2016 the country to the validation of elimination stage following a successful post MDA surveillance in all endemic districts and a countrywide availability of morbidity management and disability prevention activities. She is also the scientific officer in charge of following up the effectiveness of antimalarial drugs for the National Malaria Control Program in Togo.

 As teaching researcher at the University of Lomé, she became Assistant Professor in 2014 at the faculty of health sciences and she is the supervisor of the student’s memories and thesis related with Parasitology.

Dr DORKENOO works on policy development, implementation and monitoring of national parasites control programs including neglected tropical diseases and malaria in Togo and other West African countries. She is frequently asked by WHO Afro and others partners to provide technical support to other countries in the region concerning NTD’s activities.

It’s because of her strong commitment that this LF disease had been successfully eliminated as a public health problem in 2016 in her country.

Contact Details:

Email: monicadork [at] yahoo [dot] fr