Eastern Mediterranean

World Health Organization Regional Office for Eastern Mediterranean

The 2019 WHO Weekly Epidemiological Report notes that Yemen prepared and submitted a dossier in 2018 claiming that LF was no longer a public health problem. Egypt, in the post-validation phase, identified focal infection in one community during surveillance and planned targeted treatment with IDA according to WHO guide- lines in 2019. Sudan is the only LF-endemic country in the Region that still requires MDA and support for scaling-up. The population that requires MDA in the Region has decreased by 2.9 million, and the number will not change until further progress is seen in Sudan.

The treatment regime in all EMRO endemic countries is albendazole plus DEC (diethylcarbamazine).

The Eastern Mediterranean Programme Review Group, the body which reviews national programmes, applciations for drug donations, provides technical guidance and identifies operational research issues is chaired by:

Reda Ramzy
National Nutrition Institute
General Organisation for Teaching Hospitals & Institutes
16 Kasr El Aini St
Cairo 71556
E: reda [dot] mr [dot] ramzy [at] gmail [dot] com

See WHO Weekly Epidemiological Report for the full detailed report