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The 2017 WHO Weekly Epidemiological Report notes that MDA was required in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Guyana for 6.4 million people. Micro-planning, enhanced social mobilization, a new information system, data flow to monitor coverage and innovative medicine delivery strategies helped Guyana to achieve effective coverage in all targeted districts in 2017. A cost analysis and new strategic plan were developed to mobilize the financial resources needed in Guyana to scale up MDA in the remaining endemic districts following confirmation mapping to occur in 2018. The Dominican Republic achieved effective coverage in the last remaining focal endemic areas. Haiti is scaling down, having passed TAS in more than 80% of endemic communes. Only 22 communes remain where MDA was targeted in 2017, including the urban areas of Port au Prince, where achieving effective coverage has presented challenges. New approaches were designed after the 2017 campaign to improve the outcomes of future MDA in urban areas. Brazil is the first country in the Region to stop MDA nationally and, in addition to repeated TAS, has established post-MDA surveillance to detect and respond to foci of infection. The population requiring MDA in the Region has decreased by 12.9 million, representing a 67% reduction. While all 4 countries have submitted some information on MMDP, the burden and availability of care are underreported. The reported availability of MMDP in IUs with known patients in the Region is 3% (4 of 117).

The treatment regime in all the Americas endemic countries is albendazole plus DEC (diethylcarbamazine).

The Americas Neglected, Tropical and Vector Borne Diseases Unit is part of the Department of Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis and is assigned, in PAHO, to the area of infecitous disease, surveillance, prevention and control.(link is external)

Further details of the Americas programme can be found here

The Americas Programme Review Group (RPRG), the body which reviews national programmes, applications for drug donations, provides techical guidance and identifies operational research issues is chaired by:

Santiago Nicholls
Neglected, Tropical and Vector-Borne Diseases Unit,
Department of Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis,
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO),
525 Twenty-third Street, N.W.,
nicholls [at] paho [dot] org

See WHO Weekly Epidemiological Report for the full detailed report