Xiao-Nong Zhou

WHO Regional Programme Review Group Chair for Western Pacific

Xiao-Nong Zhou is Director of the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai, P.R. China, and Director of WHO Collaborating Center for Malaria, Schistosomiasis and Filariasis. He graduated with a PhD in Biology from Copenhagen University, Denmark. His professional works are across the fields of ecology, population biology, and epidemiology of tropical diseases. 

Dr. Zhou is the Chair of the National Expert Advisory Committee on schistosomiasis and other parasitic diseases for China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC). He is serving as Chair for WHO Western Pacific Regional Programme Review Group (RPRG) on Neglected Tropical Diseases, members for WHO Science and Technology Advisory Committee on Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO/TDR Science and Technology Advisory Committee. He had contributed, as former President, to the Regional Network on Asian Schistosomiasis and Other Important Zoonoses (RNAS+) since 2000. 

He has led more than 10 research projects in collaboration with multi-institutions at national and international levels, in the field of climate change, control strategies, determinants and innovative modeling of disease transmission, and intervention assessment. He has written extensively on parasitology and parasitic diseases, with more than 200 peer review publications in the international journals, including New Engl. J. Med., Lancet, and Lancet Infect. Dis., etc.. He is the Editor-in-Chief for Infectious Diseases of Poverty (BioMed Central as publisher), and Chinese Journal of Schistosomiasis Control (Chinese national journal).

Contact details:

Tel: +86-21-64738058
Email: zhouxn1 [at] chinacdc [dot] cn
Address: National Institute of Parasitic Diseases,
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention,
207 Rui Jin Er Road, Shanghai 200025,
Pepople's Republic of China