GAELF supports a WHO/AFRO LF Programme Managers meeting in Malawi

06 Oct 2022

To honour the wonderful efforts that have lead to the successful elimination of LF WHO Geneva, WHO AFRO and GAELF are hosting a meeting in Lilongwe from the 11th to14th October 2022 following the 68th Mectizan Donation Program meeting being held in Malawi (10-11th October).

During this suite of meetings in Lilongwe, that recognise the Malawi LF Program for their hard work and their most-welcome achievement of successfully eliminating LF, the LF program Managers from across Africa will report on the progress in their national programs. The GAELF segment of the meeting will focus on discussing with the African program managers their needs and opinions in terms of how GAELF can support their programs as they follow the WHO ROAD MAP for NTDs; a roadmap that WHO Geneva developed in recent years under the leadership of our now sadly missed LF colleague, Mwele Malecela. The GAELF segment will cover an open discussion with Program Managers to inform the development of the goals for GAELF 2022-2030, as well as two sessions that will highlight the importance of using social science principles in our elimination programs and the importance on focusing on the MMDP arm of the Global LF Program (GPELF).